Don Lemon to Cosby Accuser: When You Had Oral Sex, Why Didn’t You Use Your Teeth?

‘I don’t mean to be crude ... there are ways not to perform oral sex’

Don Lemon to Cosby Rape Accuser: When You Had Oral Sex, Why Didn’t You Use Your Teeth? (Mediaite)

Last night, Don Lemon invited Joan Tarshis, one of the numerous women calling out comedian Bill Cosby for alleged rape, to CNN to discuss her claims. (She had also appeared on Lemon’s show on Monday.)

On the show, Tarshis repeated her story: that Cosby had slipped something into her drink back in the late ’60s, and forced himself on her. “I didn’t go to the police because I was 19 years old,” she told him. “I was scared. And I thought nobody would believe me. I’m a 19-year-old girl and he was Mr. America — Mr. Jell-O as I called him. Why would anybody believe me, take my word against his word?”

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