Rick Tyler on Separating Illegals: This Will Be a Catastrophic, Colossal Mistake for the Republican Party

‘They sold this as a policy’


TYLER: "So now what they’re doing is trying to deflect and blame, they're trying to blame the Democrats, which is not true. I look forward to the President saying at some point, 'This has never been our policy.' You know, you can hear him already saying this. And this will be a catastrophic, colossal mistake for the Republican Party who will not stand up for this. These are families who are being literally torn apart at the border and now they’re trying to sell it as law. First they promoted it as a policy, that this is the policy we’re promoting, and all of a sudden they said, 'No, it’s not our fault, this is the law.' It’s not the law. It is a policy. The policy could be changed by the administration and/or the Congress can change the policy by virtue of law. And they have not done either.”

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