MSNBC Host: Republicans ‘Pathetic,’ ‘No One Cares About Jonathan Gruber!’

‘I hope this is what Republicans continue to do, because it’s pathetic!’

"Who cares! [about Jonahtan Gruber] He didn't work directly on it although he worked on the Massachusetts model. He wrote some policy. I hope this is what Republicans continue to do, because it's pathetic. And the fact that they are so excited about this, trying to go do APA research on some dude that no one ever cared about, no one ever heard of. Oh my God, Barack Obama has never heard of Jonathan Gruber! Neither has the American voter which doesn't implicate their intelligence at all ...

But no one cares about Jonathan Gruber! I swear to you! Now, people do have some concerns about ObamaCare. Let's talk about them. And by the way, if you want to legislate on any of them, please, you have Congress now. Please, bring up your amendments if you care about health care for the public. But for those of us who work in these issues and follow them for years, this is a sad note."

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