Ned Ryun: China Declared Economic War on Us Years Ago and It’s Time Say We’re Not Going To Tolerate It

‘The markets are realizing in the long term the tariffs are more of a negotiating tool to readjust’


PAYNE: "— Closer to resolution than we have by actually triggering these things instead of threatening them."
RYUN: "The markets are realizing in the long term the tariffs are more of a negotiating tool to readjust. And I think what trump is doing with China and the European traditional allies, these are new rules of engagement. We’re not going to operate like we have been, China has been cheating, dumping steel. I wrote about this in the hill last week. I think China declared economic war on us years ago and it’s time for us to say we’re not going to tolerate that. We’ll have new rules of engagement. The last thing I’ll say about a trade war, we’re nowhere near a trade war and China will not tolerate a trade war. Their economy is more fragile than we think. The economy collapses, the regime collapses. Charles: But I don’t think they declared trade war as much as initiated it. But having said all of that, this economy, which bhairly makes the headlines, do you see this continuing? I see the momentum. I don’t think it’s going to go away anytime soon."

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