Michael Schmidt: There’s Nothing New in DoJ IG Report That Shows That Comey Lied

‘There’s nothing new in this report that shows that Comey lied that he distorted anything’


SCHMIDT: “If you didn’t like Comey before, you’re not going to like him now. But it’s a judgment question. There’s nothing new in this report that shows that Comey lied, that he distorted anything. So in terms of a witness, he hasn’t really moved that much. He’s incredibly important to the Mueller investigation. He is the central person in the obstruction question, the firing of Comey, asking Comey to end this investigation. We don’t find Comey to be a liar. Just back on your point, the President’s lawyers told Mueller in January that he believes he has the power to end any type of investigation. He can use his power to pardon to do that as well. So if he thinks this is a witch hunt and he looks at this document, he does have the power to call Rod Rosenstein or call Jeff Sessions and say, 'Put an end to this.' So the question is, if Rudy is saying that, why doesn’t the President go ahead and do that himself? He controls the executive branch.”

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