Eric Swalwell: It Is Time for Trump to Come Clean with Mueller

‘If you sit in that chair, we’ll get to the bottom of this a lot sooner’

BLITZER: "I suspect things are going to be moving very very quickly. Let's get more on all of this. Democratic congressman Eric Swalwell of California, thanks for coming in. So the president had a chance, he stared down Kim Jong-un. How do you think he would do if he has an opportunity to sit down with Robert Mueller?"
SWALWELL: "Well, it's time for him to come clean with Mr. Mueller and sit in the chair. He's been given the questions they want to ask him, but he's shown a willingness to go anywhere in the world and meet with anyone but Mueller. He's now planning a summit with Vladimir Putin. For the president to complain time after time that they need to wrap this up, the only person who is delaying this investigation is the president. And then of course his team. When you lie to investigators, when you tamper with witnesses, and when you engage in the bogus allegations like he made with Devin Nunes last week, if you sit in that chair, we'll get to the bottom of this a lot sooner."

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