RNC Spox on Media Attacks on Melania: I Call them the ‘Conspiracy Ridden Media’

‘Melania Trump has the trust and the love of the American people’


MCENANY: "You know, you look at the mainstream media. Let’s not even call them mainstream because I don’t think they are particularly mainstream, I like to call them the conspiracy ridden media has been making up stories about Melania, speculating that this could be plastic surgery or abuse or a new move to New York City out of White House -- it is ridiculous, the lies that have been told about our esteemed first lady, but you know what? The good news is, the silver lining of all of this is, Melania Trump has the trust and the love of the American people. She has a 57 percent approval rating. Meanwhile the media has the lowest approval rating in Gallup recorded history. So the American people recognize injustice."

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