Rand Slams Brennan: He’s ‘This Big Talking Head Spewing Hatred’ for Trump

‘Sounds like he’s come out of the closet as a partisan’

CAVUTO: "The president called it Spygate."
PAUL: "He worked for the FBI for several decades. He’s paying people money to get them to London. There’s some that say there’s a whole running into the Australian ambassador or deputy ambassador over drinks with one of the trump officials was not sort of a random event, that maybe that had been planned. So yes, that’s entrapment and it’s something that we’re not supposed to be involved with. There’s still evidence and judge Andrew Napolitano talked about this that the British were giving information directly to John Brennan. I asked Gina Haspel about this. She says that she categorically denies that she knows anything about the British giving information to John Brennan. So the next should be to John Brennan. Are you giving information to them? That’s illegal. Now he’s this big talking head spewing hatred for president Trump. Sounds like he’s come out of the closet as a partisan. Maybe he needs to be asked under oath, did you receive information, secret information, illegal gotten by the British government, did you receive this information on President Trump or his campaign? Ask Brennan that under oath and see what he says."

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