Pirro: Trey Gowdy Is One of My Heroes, I Don’t Know If He Went to the Dark Side

‘I always loved Trey Gowdy’

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PIRRO: "Trey Gowdy makes this statement which unfortunately remind me of clapper’s statement basically saying I’m going to rely on rod Rosenstein from the department of justice who put Mueller in there after Mueller was taken to the head of the FBI and Chris questioner WRAY who is the head of the FBI. He said I don’t believe this is a problem. And my fellow Americans would want this to happen. Trey Gowdy is one of my heroes. I always loved trey Gowdy. I don’t know if he went to the dark side. He understands credibility, lying and the courtroom. Why would he talk to Christopher WRAY and Rod Rosenstein saying I haven’t seen the documents but I believe everything they are saying."

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