Tomi Lahren: We Need to Ask Why Are Dems So Against Border Security and Protecting Americans

‘Of course this president is doubling down, this president believes in a secure border’


EARHARDT: "Why is border security so important to the folks who do live in California, those who support the president?"
LAHREN: "Well, Californians and other border states we understand that we’re the most vulnerable when it comes to these issues. But it’s not just us. We just deal with the problem more close to home. This is an American issue. As Brian said, when I hear our president double down on border security, of course that’s going to be a winning agenda item for this president and those who choose to support border security. What we really need to ask is why are the Democrats so against it? Why do the Democrats not believe in the integrity of our borders, our laws and protecting the American people? That’s the question that needs to be asked. Not why is Trump doubling down. Of course this president is doubling down this president believes in a secure border."

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