Hannity: Mueller’s Investigation Is a ‘Witch Hunt’ and a ‘Total Sham’ and ‘For the Sake of the Country, It Needs to End’

‘After all of this time there is zero evidence of Trump/Russia collusion’


HANNITY: "Now this is showing that Mueller’s original indictment was an elusion to make it seem there was a collusion. Mueller never participates the Russians were going to call his bluff this was an embarrassment for him. Now there are the special council they look foolish his team was never prepared it was for show. You work out with this piece. One year down it is Mueller time and writes that Russia probe has been going on for three years well is not one indication what this investigation is really about. Here is what we do know. After all of this time there is zero evidence of Trump/Russia collusion. It has been a witch hunt it is and a total sham. And for the sake of the country it needs to end would feel very well key updates to John solmon’s report that we brought you last night about the FBI director Mueller working with billionaire." 

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