Terry Schappert: It’s ‘Embarrassing’ for the Left They Can’t Admit Trump’s Success on N. Korea and It Will Hurt Them

‘We saw in the previous administration lots of talk, all sorts of talk, and it was never backed up’


SCHAPPERT: "He gets full credit as a president. It’s not just a talk. Because I think your enemies and you know, this we are both combat guys. Your enemies will respect you if they think there is going to be action taken. We saw in the previous administration lots of talk. All sorts of talk. And it was never backed up. So, our enemies, bad guys knew that with president Trump, whether you like him or not, it’s safe to say that the people that are against us are not sure if he is really — they actually believe he might reach out and hurt them."
HEGSETH: "That’s the most important calculation. He may actually bomb us."
SCHAPPERT: "If they thought at any moment that he was full of B.S. And not really willing to follow through, they wouldn’t even come to the table. They obviously think this guy might just be the one to do it. And you negotiation right before I came on, I was watching the democratic strategist talking to Ed Henry, and the guy just could not admit one bit that the President Trump gets credit for the economy. It’s embarrassing for the left, because they won’t admit it. They won’t admit it on north Korea. It’s going to hurt them."

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