Susan Page: ‘Democratic Party Will Pull to the Left’ After Election Day

Page says activists tell her the ‘Elizabeth Warren wing of the party’ is the best surrogate

MITCHELL: "Susan Page, what does this mean for Hillary Clinton, if you have a Republican Senate -- potentially -- and more obstruction in Washington? Does this help her, make her more of an outsider, make her look more sort of reasonable politician, not part of the fray?"

PAGE: "It will make her want to be more of an outsider because who would want to be associated with two more years of gridlock in Washington. I think there is another effect from this election tonight that could affect Hillary Clinton, and that is the fact that a lot of those moderate Democrats in the Senate are the ones who are endangered. You’re going to have a Democratic caucus that is more uniformly liberal. And the whole party I think is being pulled somewhat to the left. You see -- you talk to activists on the party, I did this morning talking about -- it was the Elizabeth Warren wing of the party, that Elizabeth Warren was the best surrogate. Those are the issues, like fighting Wall Street, that generated the most enthusiasm among Democratic voters and so you're going to see I think -- if you you're going to see Republican party pull to the right after this night's election, I think you're also going to see the Democratic party pull to the left."

MITCHELL: "And that's why Hillary Clinton in that recent appearance with Elizabeth Warren from  [indecipherable] in Massachusetts started talking against Wall Street, which is against where she has been, the source of her funding, or the state that she represented, the financial capital of the world, and it seemed inauthentic. She had to immediately revert back. Susan?”

PAGE: "... She's got a couple of tightropes to watch. One is, where does she stand exactly on issues like regulating Wall Street? Another is, what is her relationship with President Obama? How closely does she want to be tied to President Obama, who, of course, she served for four years as his Secretary of State. These are going to be issues that we’re going to be watching closely forever in the Hillary Clinton race that we all hope to be covering."

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