David Urban To CNN Panel: ‘Your Guys’ Heads Are Going To Explode When Donald Trump Is Awarded the Nobel Prize’

‘People who are far smarter than me said, this president deserves a Nobel Prize’

TAPPER: Congressman Jeffries is here saying this but to be completely candid we have trouble booking Democrats a lot. Not Congressman Jeffries. He’s great. But we have trouble booking Democrats a lot especially Democratic senators.

And I have been told one of the reasons is when your enemy is blowing themselves up get out of the way and that’s what a lot of Democrats, obviously you accepted, take.

SOLIS DOYLE: Look, there’s a lot of truth to it. There’s a lot of blowing up going on at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

We’ve got the Russian investigation. We’ve got Michael Cohen being investigated criminally.

We’ve got, you know, vetting problems. We’ve got swamp problems in the administration. We’ve got —

URBAN: Yes. Peace in the Korean Peninsula. Economic — economic boom —


CARPENTER: Hopefully. Fingers crossed. Fingers crossed.
You guys heads are going to explode when Donald Trump is awarded the Nobel Prize

URBAN: That’s not — it’s not all doom and gloom. , mean, for —


TAPPER: Do you really think that’s going to happen? Lindsey Graham said that — said that this week.

URBAN: Ian Bremmer from — Ian Bremmer not David Urban. People who are far smarter than me said, this president deserves a Nobel Prize.

Barack Obama was awarded Nobel Prize — the nominations went in 11 days after he was president. Eleven days.

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