‘The Today Show’ Reports on Brokaw Sexual Harassment Allegations

‘Overnight, allegations have surfaced against long-time NBC news anchor Tom Brokaw and our former colleague, Matt Lauer, as well’


SNOW: "Overnight, allegations have surfaced against long-time NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw and our former colleague, Matt Lauer, as well. Both men refute the accusations that are being made against them. Meanwhile, another former NBC anchor, Ann Curry, is also speaking out, along with others, criticizing the NBC News division for what they say is an atmosphere that enabled sexual misconduct and made it difficult to report."
[clip starts]
VESTER: "I was groped and assaulted by Tom Brokaw."
SNOW (voice-over): "Linda Vester was a correspondent for NBC News in the 1990. Overnight, 'Variety' published her allegations that veteran NBC anchorman Tom Brokaw harassed her and made several unwanted advances during her time with the network. Vester says Brokaw once showed up at her hotel room in New York City uninvited, at first putting his finger on her lips and then grabbing her."
VESTER: "He took the same hand, reached behind my head and tried to force me to kiss him."

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