John Bolton: Obama’s Failed Foreign Policy Will Hurt Dems Nationwide in Midterms

‘Americans don’t like Americans being beheaded by terrorists and seeing no American response’

 “I think we’re seeing in races all around the country that contrary to the conventional wisdom of the political operatives, foreign policy is going to be very important in a number of key races. Scott Brown in New Hampshire, Joni Ernst in Iowa, Tom Cotton in Arkansas, Tom Tillis in North Carolina —just to name a few where the candidate and the circumstances really have contributed to put these issues front and center and where the failures of the Obama administration and the support for those policies by the incumbent Democrats is coming to hurt them in a very significant way …

The fault [on national security failures] does lie on both parties. I think President Obama doesn’t give national security the kind of priority it needs. He hasn’t raised the issue in the last six years, except when he really had no alternative. And I think Republicans have made a mistake these last six years in not challenging the president on that. I really think the American people are way ahead of their political leaders. They’re very practical. They’re not going to get involved in the intricacies of foreign policy, but they want the people in Washington that they elect to defend the country, to protect their interests.

And right now, watching the Obama administration, they don’t feel that the president’s on the job. They see the rise of ISIS. They’re concerned about Ebola. They’re concerned about border security. They’re concerned about lose nuclear weapons. And where’s the president? Where are his supporters in the Senate and the House? I think this is an issue. I think the American people want their representatives in Washington to do what they send them there to do, and when they don’t see performance, they are going to register their protest and I think you’re going to see it this Tuesday …

Americans don’t like Americans being beheaded by terrorists and seeing no American response. They don’t like American ambassadors and other brave Americans being killed by terrorists and not seeing the president respond.”

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