RNC Spox: ‘The Rabid Left-Wing Base Controls This Democratic Party’

‘Moderates no longer exist because they have been taken over by the far left’


EARHARDT: "Kayleigh, I imagine how you feel. You are probably sick of that narrative to impeach the president as Republican, someone who worked for him but the Maxine Waters of the world are they going to listen to what he is saying?"
MCENANY: "Well they should. They should listen to smart Democrats like Jessica, like senior adviser David Axelrod who said it would be damaging for democracy to have this partisan impeachment. You have Nancy 'Crumbs' Pelosi not quite known for her wisdom saying this is someplace we should go. All the smart Democrats are saying this, Ainsley. But the problem you have this rabid, insane leftist base, 58 Democrats voting to bring it up for debate, with no basis in fact for impeachment charges. Tom Steyer, millionaire donor, giving impeachment guides to more than 5,000 Democratic candidates, the rabid left-wing base controls this Democratic Party. The Blue dogs Democrats, the moderates no longer exist because they have been taken over by the far left."

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