David Gregory: I Saw W.H. Docs Hand Out Ambien to the Media on Long Flights to Asia

‘If you were traveling to say Asia and you needed help sleeping they would do that, absolutely’


GREGORY: "As the administration has pointed out, he got a glowing review from President Obama. And this candy man thing, I have to say I have questions about it. These things have to be investigated. If he was giving out Ambien to help people sleep on long trips, whether members of the media or White House staff, is that somehow totally inappropriate? Because I certainly saw that with previous White House doctors when I covered the White House. Perhaps they are talking about something else because I can't imagine that alone would be disqualifying.”
CAMEROTA: “Wait a minute. You did see White House doctors hand out Ambien, which is a prescription drug?"
GREGORY: “Yes. For long flights, if you were traveling to Asia and you needed help sleeping, yeah, they would do that, absolutely.”

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