Joe Biden: I’d Still Run for President if Hillary Ran

‘That’s not the reason not to run or to run’

BORGER: "Let's move to 2016 and you."
BORGER: "I need to ask you, of course, where is your head right now on a - on a race?"
BIDEN: "It's on my job. There's plenty of time to make that decision."
BORGER: "There is?"
BIDEN: "No, there really is. I mean, look, everybody talks about how, you know, everything is going to be gone by the summer. And I don't see that at all. I'm confident and if I decide and I haven't made my mind."
BORGER: "What is it, 50-50, 60-40?"
BIDEN: "It's - I just haven't focused on - I haven't made up my mind what I'm going to do."
BORGER: "It's not about Hillary?"
BIDEN: "It really is not. I mean, you know me too well. I mean, if I run, I'm confident I will be able to mount a campaign that can be financed, and it will be credible and it will be serious."
BORGER: "Would you run if she runs?"
BIDEN: "Absolutely. That's not the reason not to run or to run. The question is, am I - am I convinced I am best positioned of anyone else to lead the country the next four years?"
BORGER: "Are you?"
BIDEN: "That's a decision I have to make."
BORGER: "Everybody is talking about Hillary, Hillary, Hillary. Doesn't that kind of annoy you to a degree?"
BIDEN: "Not at all. I mean, it really - I know you know me well. It really doesn't bother me at all. What I am focused on, for real - I know I sound, more than I say, it doesn't sound real."
BORGER: "Right."
BIDEN: "That no, but I honest to God have not made up my mind. It's just that basic, that simple."


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