Rubio: Trump Should Get out of the Iran Deal if Europe Refuses to Sanction Companies that Help Build Missiles

‘The Iran deal is a bad deal’


RUBIO: "I think the Iran deal is a bad deal. If our European allies are willing to step forward and increase missile sanctions on their ballistic missile program, I think that’s something to look at. Because no matter what, no matter how you feel about the Iran deal, you cannot believe it somehow grants Iran immunity to do whatever they want on terrorism, on sponsoring Shia militias, on anti-Israeli activity, on cyberattacks and on developing ballistic missiles that can reach Europe and ultimately the United States. And so I hope our European allies will step forward. They are the ones that like the deal. We hope they’ll step forward and really sanction all of the companies that help them build these missiles. Otherwise I think the President should get out of the deal."

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