Josh Holmes: Any Kind of Resistance Jerry Brown Can Show to Trump Is Good for Him Politically

‘All that being said, it really complicates the implementation of a pretty serious issue’


FAULKNER: "My whole thing though, Josh, with all of this is Jerry Brown is trying to make it political saying that three Republican governors of other states have done this and he will be the outlier because he doesn’t see things their way. Is that putting people’s lives in danger?"
HOLMES: "It certainly."
FAULKNER: "Potentially?"
HOLMES: "It could. I mean, it certainly complicates this entire process. But you are exactly right, the politics work for Jerry Brown. California is off the left-hand side of the map as we know. And basically any kind of compliance with Trump administration immigration proposals is an unpopular thing in California. And, therefore, you know, any kind of resistance that he can show is good for him politically. All that being said, it really complicates the implementation of a pretty serious issue. And you saw --"
HOLMES: "-- a whole bunch of southern counties in southern California counties, municipalities break from Governor Brown and say no, no, no, no, we need the security. We want a border wall. We want the troops on the border."

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