Bret Stephens on Trump-Comey: ‘This Is a Story of the Pig Versus the Prig’

‘I think Trump, with his political instinct, is smart to attack Comey’


STEPHENS: "That being said, I think Trump, with his political instinct, is smart to attack Comey. I think this is a story of the pig versus the prig. The thing about the pig — the thing about the pig, no matter how much mud is spattered on the pig, in this case the President, very little of it sticks because you expect him to be splattered in mud. With a prig, if there's a single stain on his otherwise spotless shirt, you’re going to say, 'There's a stain on your shirt.' That’s the problem Comey has. I think Trump has Comey’s number as basically an unlikable scold who holds himself in very high moral regard. Now, that may or may not be justified, but as a matter of public relations, Jim Comey is not coming across very well. And anything he says that doesn’t stand up to minute scrutiny — and he’s already had a few blunders — is going to cost him in this contest between the two personalities."

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