Mark Meadows on Running for Speaker: ‘Leadership Has Never Been on My Bucket List’

‘This institution is more important than any one person’


REPORTER: "If Republicans are able to keep control, would you like to see someone more conservative in that role? Would you consider running for that position?"
MEADOWS: "You know leadership has never been on my bucket list and it’s not on my bucket list today, in spite of this announcement. I can say that as we look to putting forth a new agenda in -- in the months and weeks to come, I look forward to working with this speaker, this leader, this whip and certainly other members of the freedom caucus to put forth a bold agenda to make sure that we accomplish that and show a real difference between what conservatives will do for those who have been forgotten by Washington, D.C. And -- and I fully expect that you will see a lot of great initiatives come out in -- in the next few weeks."

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