SNL Mocks Obama: Ebola ‘One of My Greatest Accomplishments’

‘Some people want to criticize the way our administration has handled [Ebola] ... But, I assure you, it was nowhere near as bad as how we handled the ISIS’

'SNL' Mocks President Obama, Ebola Czar Ron Klain In Cold Open (Huffington Post)

"Saturday Night Live" kicked off this weekend's Jim Carrey-hosted episode with some not-so-subtle ridicule of President Obama and his Ebola Czar Ron Klain.

Calling his handling of the Ebola crisis, "Probably one of my greatest accomplishments," when compared to his ISIS strategy and other aspects of his second term, Obama (Jay Pharoah) introduced Klain (Taran Killam) to take some heat from the White House press corps.

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