Chaffetz: Adam Schiff Came to the Conclusion of Collusion Before He Saw Any Evidence

‘He starts this flailing about collusion and more than a year later we don’t see any evidence of it’


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GOWDY: "Says that I’m glad we have Bob Mueller. I'm glad that we have an independent ball-and-strike caller. Congress has proven itself incapable of conducting serious investigations. ... Congressional investigations leak like the Gossip Girls. They -- I mean, they are terrible. And -- and I would be telling you that if I were staying in Congress. They're just not serious."
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HEMMER: "That was Trey Gowdy right now defending special counsel Bob Mueller’s probe claiming Congress isn’t capable of conducting a serious investigation because you've got these leaks all over Washington, D.C. Jason Chaffetz, former Utah Congressman, Fox News contributor, good day to you. You and Gowdy are like this, I don’t imagine you disagree with him."
CHAFFETZ: "Well I don’t watch the Gossip Girls like he does. I haven’t quite seen that show. But I -- on a serious note I think we share the same frustration. Here you had Adam Schiff, I can name names. Adam Schiff starts this you know, flailing about collusion and more than a year later we don’t see any evidence of it. He had come to the conclusion before he let the evidence take it there. Gowdy, a serious prosecutor throughout his career wants to let the facts dictate where we end up. And then you combine on that the leaking and then to Gowdy’s other point, which was my great frustration as I thought a Republican administration would open up the coffers, would open up the door to the facts and everything from fast and furious to the IRS investigations that we had done to the Hillary Clinton email investigation. It's not so much about Hillary Clinton but all the people and the process."

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