MSNBC’s O’Donnell: ‘Laura Ingraham’s Apology Has No Credibility as a Real Apology’

‘If David Hogg can continue to drive advertisers away from Laura Ingraham’s show, she will not survive’


O'DONNELL: "The only reason Bill O’Reilly had to be kicked out of Fox News is his advertisers turn odd him every day more and more advertisers turned on him and said enough is enough. We covered the fight of the advertisers fleeing bill O’Reilly’s show every night on this program when that was happening and when Bill O’Reilly was finally driven out, it was clear anyone could be driven out of Fox News if enough advertisers turn on them. So what Laura Ingraham was doing today, after what she called reflection, 25 hours of reflection, was following her boss’ orders to save her job. If David hogg can continue to drive advertisers away from Laura Ingraham’s show, she will not survive. The timing of Laura Ingraham’s apology, the wording of Laura Ingraham’s apology has no credibility as a real apology. So she might have to try apologizing again. And next time, I would suggest, in the spirit of holy week as she would put it, as an act of contrition, she could release her college rejection letters. When we come back, we’ll consider the political power of David hogg and the other young leaders of the March for our lives. They just taught Fox News another painful lesson. Is the Republican Party next?"

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