MSNBC’s Katy Tur on Firing of Shulkin: ‘It Does Feel Like a Distraction Tactic to Me’

‘Am I crazy’

TUR: "And let’s bring back the panel. Jonathan la mere and Michelle gold brpg and Michael steel. It does feel like a distraction tactic to me."
STEELE: "Totally."
TUR: "Am I crazy."
STEELE: "It is totally that. And folks were waking up this morning having a news that was breaking and now we’re talking about Shulkin. And the president will do — he has the list of people that he wants to help him remake his cabinet and he will roll them in and out as the news cycle warrants and so right now this is a moment where he wants to take the bright shiny object that we’ve been focusing on with respect to the Mueller investigation and Russia and all of that, and now we’re going to talk about cabinet appointments."

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