Joe Concha: David Hogg Has Gone ‘Off the Rails’

‘You need to challenge some of the things he is saying’


CONCHA: "I didn’t see that. I saw a lot of David Hogg. When he first came on the screen, I tweeted out how impressed I was in terms of how articulate and intelligent he was. I said that would be a big star in this business. He’s gone off the rails and no journalist challenged him. He told this to Fox News: We want this be to a community discussion. We can’t have debates between Republicans and Democrats. That’s fair enough. But a couple of weeks ago he was bragging he hung up on the White House and said we don’t need to listen to President Trump. The White House called to invite him to a listening session. He said President Trump needs to listen to the screams of this children. Okay, you won’t attend a listening session but you are telling us we have to listen to each other. He wants to be treated as an adult. You need to challenge some of the things he is saying."

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