Meghan McCain: It’s Not Productive When David Hogg Uses Outrageous Rhetoric

‘I don’t think it’s productive’


MCCAIN: "I was curious all weekend if anyone who didn’t already support the cause had their minds changed. Was there any NRA members, pro-gun people who were watching. And I watched because I knew we would talk about it. And I actually — there are a lot of comments coming out specifically from David Hogg that I -- just I don’t —"
BEHAR: "Who’s he?"
MCCAIN: "He's one of the big kids. But one thing I will say is that you don’t move the narrative when you use language like this. And he said it just makes me think what sick blankers out there want to continue to sell more guns, murdered more children and honestly just get more reelected. What type of blanking person does that. They could have blood from children splattered all over their faces and they don’t take action because all they see is dollar signs. There’s another kid Kyle Kashuv, I believe his name is, who is the Second Amendment pro supporter that also was a Parkland student who’s been meeting with so many politicians including Vice President Pence twice, the president of the United States and congressmen and senators across the country. And I just think I wish we could have it where the rhetoric isn’t that any of us could have blood splattered on our faces and your life perspective wouldn’t be changed. And I don’t think it’s productive."

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