Parlkand’s Kasky: Every Single Teacher From My School Said They’d Quit If They Had To Be Armed

‘Arming teachers only put kids more in danger’

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BRENNAN: Now, you all are not just rallying here in Washington. You have also been pushing in your home state of Florida.

But Florida did just decide that they’re going to allow training of some teachers to be armed. Some districts can opt out. Do you feel like you lost the argument back at home?

KASKY: Not at all.

As a matter of fact, in Florida, they passed a bill that raised the age to 21, added a three-day waiting period. These are very small steps in the right direction.

But I think you will notice, if all teachers are required to be armed, or at least several teachers per building, many teachers will quit.

We have — every single teacher from my school that I have spoken to said that, if there was an armed teacher in their building, trained or not, they would be out of there. Arming teachers only put kids more in danger, and it puts the teachers in more danger.

BRENNAN: Were you surprised to see action in your home state before you saw it in Washington?



CORIN: Yes, very much so, because Rick Scott is funded by the NRA. And...

BRENNAN: Your governor.

CORIN: Yes, our governor.

And he defied it, in a sense. And the NRA, in turn, sued the state of Florida. So, that’s obviously a step in the right direction. He’s running for senator. So, that might have been a reason why he did it, to get the popular vote, but it’s still a step.

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