Eric Schiffer on Trump Signing Omnibus: ‘Giant, Strategic Mistake, and He’s Going to Regret This’

‘The core of his presidency was immigration, and that’s what the base was so excited about, and he’s just ignored it’

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McSHANE: "All right, bring our panel in and see whether they have figured it out by this evening. Patrice, Washington times contributor Eric Schiffer is here as well. Eric, start with you on this. A number of conservatives are not happy that the bill was signed and not vetoed. What are your thoughts this evening?
SCHIFFER: "This was a giant strategic mistake by the president, and I think he's going to regret it. To not have vetoed this is inconsistent with everything that he's done so far. He's been so consistent in keeping promises with the base on almost everything but on this situation you're basically abandoning immigration and that was a core issue, the wall, immigration." 
McSHANE: "He said he had to for the military. He said he had to."
SCHIFFER: "I'm a proponent of the military. There's no question. But that's the window dressing. And I'm glad they got it but not to the extent that it just throws away immigration. That's the core of his presidency was immigration, and that's what the base was so excited about, and he's just ignored it." 

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