Eric Schiffer on Regulating Facebook: I Don’t Want to See Europe Using This as ‘Bat to Hammer American Companies’

‘They need to protect Americans in this process’


SCHIFFER: "Well, it will be interesting to see whether the regulatory scrutiny actually happens. Certainly, it's a negative environment, and they are in the data business, that's what they -- that's how they monetize, and it's interesting, they still weren't adhering to any kind of policy. They were giving researchers access to be able to ultimately get access to everyone's data. It will be interesting how they play it. What I suggest they do, if they're going handle this short of regulation is get a commission have, some kind of data commission for security, bring Republicans and Democrats onto the commission and try to at least get it so government doesn't regulate. What I don't want to see is Europe using this as some kind of bat to hammer American companies, I think that's a concern, too. But they need to protect Americans in this process."

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