Peter King: Trump ‘Would Be Making a Serious Mistake in Getting Rid of Bob Mueller’

‘Bob Mueller does have a very good reputation’


SMITH: "As president Trump ramps up attack on the Russia investigation, speculation now swirling over whether he will turn those words into action by firing special counsel Robert Mueller. Republican Congressman Pete King of New York is a member of the Intelligence Committee, although there is no sign of him actually doing so. Is it the massive red line that Senator Jeff Flake just suggested it is, if he were to do so, congressman?"
KING: "Yeah, first of all, I don’t think this investigation ever should have been started as we look back through it now there is no basis. Having said that, it is underway. Bob Mueller does have a very good reputation. And the president would be making a serious mistake in getting rid of Bob Mueller it would just lead to more problems and another special counsel and would go on certainly for the next two or three years. I think there is — all I have seen and what I know being on the intelligence committee there is absolutely no evidence of collusion. The investigation shouldn’t have been started in the first place. It was based on a Papadopoulos conversation in the middle of the night and the dossier which for the most part is totally unproven and unverified, but it is underway. It is going. And to me, the president should let it go. Let it run its course. I also think Bob Mueller should give some idea of when this is going to be ended. This is the president of the United States; whether it’s Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, you can’t have this needless cloud out there. And so I think just inspiring confidence as far as dealing with foreign leaders, it would be important for Bob Mueller, if he can to give some idea when the investigation is going to be ended or at least when the collusion part of it is going to be ended."

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