Jill Wine-Banks: Trump Can’t Stop the Truth from Coming Out by Firing McCabe or Anyone Else

‘You can’t cut the truth out by firing McCabe or anyone else’


WITT: "Our top story, the Associated Press now reporting that fired former FBI Director Andrew McCabe kept personal memos about his interactions with the president. We should say he was an interim director. Let's turn to Jill Wine-Banks, former assistant Watergate special prosecutor and an MSNBC contributor. So Jill, what could these memos from McCabe mean for the Russia investigation?"
EINE-BANKS: "Contemporaneous memos are very persuasive in any court case. It really shows the accuracy of someone’s later testimony and captures their memory of the time. So they are very, very good documents. Comey’s contemporaneous memos are important and McCabe’s are. And this attack on McCabe really reminds me of something from a movie I watched last night called 'Suddenly Last Summer' in which the truth was trying to be suppressed by giving Elizabeth Taylor a lobotomy. And she said, you can’t cut the truth out of me by giving me a lobotomy. And you can’t cut the truth out by firing McCabe or anyone else."

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