Will Hurd: ‘Ridiculous’ for Schiff to Say We’re Protecting Trump with Russia Report

‘Adam Schiff hasn’t even seen the draft report yet’


FAULKNER: "I want to start with what Adam Schiff said. He said the GOP view the job as protecting the president and not getting to the truth, I’m paraphrasing the last little bit of that, he might have said the facts. What is your reaction to that?"
HURD: "Well that's ridiculous. And -- and Adam probably hadn't even seen the report, the draft report yet. So, you know, this is one of the things that's frustrating about where we are, the inability to work together on common things. We actually all do agree on a lot of stuff. We -- we do agree that the Russians tried to influence our elections and they were trying to erode trust. And if there was some evidence of collusion -- you know, there’s so many leaks throughout this process. The press, the American people have seen a lot of this information and I don’t think there was anything that was ever revealed that -- that suggests that type of activity."

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