Russell Brand Gets Kicked out of Fox News Headquarters

‘Whether the subject is Islamophobia or it’s just the freedom to be in a lobby, Fox is a difficult organization to work with’

WATCH: Russell Brand Gets Kicked Out of Fox News Headquarters (Mediaite)

For the last several weeks, actor Russell Brand has been filing regular reports on his YouTube channel that target various Fox News segments from hosts like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity. In turn, his commentary has drawn the ire of Hannity along with The Five’s Greg Gutfeld, who denounced him as “commie scum” and a “fashionable fascist.”

Now, Brand has brought his web show “The Trews,” directly to the News Corp. building in New York City, where he showed up with his laptop this week in an attempt to confront the Fox News network head-on. Brand was doing his regular routine against one of O’Reilly’s recent segments when he was approached by building security.

“You can’t film here, this is private property,” he man told Brand, referring to the plaza in front of Fox headquarters. “You want to get arrested?” he asked when the actor initially refused to leave.

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