Trump: ‘I’m Calling on Congress to Stop Funding Sanctuary Cities So We Can Save American Lives’

‘We have to get smart’


TRUMP: "So in Oakland you have a mayor, and she — she told people they were going to be captured in a big raid that there was going to be a raid. You can’t do it, folks. We have to get smart. My administration believes our cities should be safe havens for American people, not for American criminals. We are going after violent criminals and we are going after vicious gang members. These people are so tough. But you know, we had our I.C.E. Agents out in Long Island. I grew up in queens in New York. But I knew Long Island. And places that I know so well are loaded up with ms-13. Your daughter walks home. They don’t use guns. The NRA happens to be very good people. They want to do the right thing. But they don’t use guns. They don’t use guns. They like to use knife and other things because it’s much more painful and much slower. These are animals. We send these guise out and liberate — these guys out and we liberate them. We liberate those towns. And the people are cheering. It’s like a war. If you got liberated as a country. Can you imagine, this is taking place in our country. It’s crazy. So we are doing a great, great job. We are loving it, we are making tremendous progress. Today I’m calling on Congress to stop funding sanctuary cities so we can save American lives."

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