Trump: ObamaCare Is ‘Where You Pay a Lot of Money for the Privilege of Not Getting Health Care’

‘We got rid of the individual mandate’


TRUMP: "That’s where you pay a lot of money for the privilege of not getting health care. Okay? How do you like that one? How that one made it through court I will not — made it through twice. You pay a lot of money for the privilege. We got rid of the individual mandate. Nobody talks about it. The tax bill is so massive, biggest one ever done and we’re calling it tax reform. This is where a nonpolitician like me is good. Because they had a name and for 40 years they couldn’t pass anything. I kept saying how is it possible not to pass tax cuts? Sir, I don’t know, we just can’t pass, Reagan was the last one that did a big bill and we just can’t pass. I said what’s the problem? Sir, the tax reform is not easy. I said wait a minute, do you call it tax reform? Or do you call it tax cuts? And he said —"

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