Schiff: ‘Far More Credible that Donald Trump Was Well Aware’ of the Stormy Daniels Payment

‘It seems far more credible that Donald Trump was well aware of this’

BLITZER: "Joining us now, the ranking member of the house intelligence committee, Adam Schiff of California. Thank you for joining us ufrlt a lawyer. You’re also a former federal prosecutor. Do you believe it is possible President Trump was in the gark this $130,000 payment that his private attorney made?
SCHIFF: "That doesn’t steam least bit plausible. That an attorney for a client would go pay hush money and never tell a client about it. It seems far more credible that Donald Trump was well aware of this. And it is also I think, strange, to think that Michael Cohen didn’t expect to get reimbursed for this. If there was an expectation that he would get reimbursed for this and it was in order to hide the allegation during campaign, that’s a campaign expenditure and a violation."

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