Rush Limbaugh: Gary Cohn Leaving Is Not ‘Chaotic’ or a Crisis, It’s an Opportunity

‘It’s a freaking opportunity’

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Rush Limbaugh: Gary Cohn Leaving Is Not ‘Chaotic’ or a Crisis, It’s an Opportunity (Mediaite)

Hours after President Trump dismissed reports of White House chaos yesterday, Gary Cohn‘s resignation was announced. But Rush Limbaugh said today this is actually a good thing for the White House.

Cohn is resigning amid internal White House friction on tariffs, and Limbaugh today mocked how the media is treating this like “the latest sign of chaos, and the worst thing about it is it signifies great brain drain.”

“All the smart people are leaving Trump,” he dryly mimicked. “And it means that Trump doesn’t have anybody, he doesn’t have anybody who can keep him on the right road. He doesn’t have anybody that can keep him pointed in the right direction. There’s nobody left that can tame Trump’s wacko impulses!”

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