MSNBC: Europe Responds to Trump’s Tariffs with Tariffs on Harley-Davidson Bikes, Levi’s, Bourbon

‘Reports suggest Gary Cohn is far from the only Trump Administration officials opposed to the tariffs’


BRZEZINSKI: "So, reports suggest Gary Cohn is far from the only Trump Administration official opposed to the President's proposed tariffs. According to 'The Washington Post,' Defense Secretary  Jim Mattis and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson privately warned senior trade officials yesterday that the President’s move on steel and aluminum could endanger the U.S. national security relationship with allies, according to five people familiar with the meeting. And the fallout over the President’s decision with our European allies is already escalating. European Commission President announced on Friday the block would respond with tariffs on nearly $3.5 billion worth of items including Harley-Davidson motorcycles..."
SCARBOROUGH: "Hold on a second. Harley-Davidson motorcycles? Hello, Speaker of the House."
BRZEZINSKI: "...bourbon..."
SCARBOROUGH: "Hello, majority leader of the Senate."
BRZEZINSKI: " ...and Levi jeans."

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