Garamendi: I Don’t Understand Why Trump Doesn’t Have the Courage to Stand Up to Putin on Election Meddling

‘Russia meddled in the 2016 election’


GARAMENDI: "Maybe he’s referring to that 400 pound imagine in the bed someplace that meddled. No. It was Russia. Russia meddled in the 2016 election and all the intelligence agencies say they are now at this moment, and for the last several months, once again, meddling in our election process. When just two weeks ago, his key law enforcement intelligence agencies were asked in a formal hearing whether they had any instructions from the president to flekt country’s basic democracy, they all answered the same way. No. They had not received any instructions. Neighbor president has done something in the last couple days but he certainly hasn’t announced it. And why he doesn’t have the courage to stand up and tell Putin, get out or you’ll get in big, big trouble. I donal understand why he doesn’t present that kind of necessary courage to frequent most fundamental part of nation’s democracy."

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