Isaac Wright: ‘What Is Donald Trump Working So Hard to Hide’ on Russia?

‘The question is, what is Donald Trump hiding?’


WRIGHT: "There was an 18 month gap he refused to answer questions about at which time he was claiming how close he was in communications with Donald Trump and the Trump team. So there is some pretty big red flags there that there's a period that he, Bannon and Hope Hicks all refused to talk about. Bannon and Hicks have said they've been instructed bby the White House not to talk about it. So the question is, what is Donald Trump hiding? We know that Jarred Kushner lied on security briefings about his meetings with Russia. We have seen all these things, 100 indictments have rolled down so far, we've seen three guilty pleas. What is Donald Trump working so hard to hide that he’s instructing that he's having the White House instruct people not to answer the questions, and why for that matter is Nunes not subpoenaing these people? The committee, the majority on the committee, like Nunes, have the power to force them to answer. They could have done it that day in January with Bannon, they could have done it that day in January with Lewandowski, they could have done it just a couple of weeks ago with Hicks. But the majority of the community, Nunes, who has his own ties to Trump and to the transition team and to Flynn, who's pleaded guilty has refuse to do so. Why the cover up?"

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