Colbert to Trump: If You Can Answer Jeff Sessions’ Riddles, You Can Make Him Leave

‘You can’t defeat Jeff Sessions with insults’

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COLBERT: "Apparently, Mueller has been asking people about Trump’s private comments and state of mind last summer when he issued a series of tweets belittling his “Beleaguered” Attorney General. And belittling sessions is tough, because he’s already pretty be-little. But Mueller doesn’t have to reach back to last July. Trump is insulting sessions now. Apparently, behind Session’s back, Trump calls him, “Mr. Magoo.” Quick note to anyone under 80, Mr. Magoo was a cartoon character 60 years ago, and what was funny about him is that he was legally blind. Take a look. Ha, ha. He thinks that parrot is a phone! Mr. Magoo was on right after “Polio pooch.” Simpler times. Anyway, Mueller is trying to figure out whether insults like these were an attempt by Trump “To publicly shame the attorney general into quitting.” Joke’s on you, Mr. President. You can’t defeat Jeff Sessions with insults. The only way to get him to leave is to answer his riddles. “What walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon, and three legs in the evening? Wrong! The answer is ‘I do not recall!’” 

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