Russell Brand: Fox Condemns Immigrants To Distract from Real Problem: Murdoch

‘I do a true news channel called “The Trews” ...’

Russell Brand to The View: Fox Condemns Immigrants to Distract from Real Problem: Rupert Murdoch (Mediaite)

A refresher, if it isn’t already clear to you by now: Actor and comedian Russell Brand really does not like corporate news media, particularly Fox News.

Discussing his new book (titled Revolution) Monday on The View, Brand took swipes at big media, largely blaming major outlets for helping advance what he believes are the insidious agendas of their corporate owners. When Rosie O’Donnell asked him to discuss his online news show, almost begging for a Fox or MSNBC reference, he delivered:

I do a true news channel, called “The Trews.” It’s true news, news that you can trust, where we report on how the news should be told and when on Fox News they’re telling you to condemn Mexican people, or immigrants, or people of different sexual identity to you, that’s to distract you from the people that really have the power, people like Rupert Murdoch that owns Fox News.

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