Superintendent: Don’t Arm the Teachers with Guns, Arm Them with Better Pay

‘And some of the dialogue that I have heard recently is about arming teachers’

RUNCIE: "Thank you for your leadership. We love you and appreciate all that you do. To our teachers at Stoneman Douglas, you work so tirelessly. You love the students as your own babies. And some of the dialogue that I have heard recently is about arming teachers. We don't need to put guns in the hands of teachers. You know what we need? We need to arm our teachers with more money in their pocket. This country plays a lot of lip service to the importance of the teaching profession but never put our money behind it. Let teacher compensation, benefit and working be part of the debate as well. So I say to all our teachers thank you for what you do every day. We love you. And we are going to do what we can to continue to support you."

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