CBS: New Charges of White House Cover-Up in Columbia Prostitution Scandal

Major Garrett questions whether the independent investigation was “watered down” in order to protect the Obama White House

White House Knew Of WH Aide’s Involvement In Cartagena Prostitution Scandal (Washington Free Beacon)

New allegations against the Obama administration have been raised regarding the 2012 Cartagena prostitution scandal, in which the White House may have covered up one of their advance aides spending the night with a prostitute on the now-infamous trip to Colombia.

CBS White House correspondent Major Garrett questioned whether the independent investigation into the scandal was “watered down” to protect the White House, and if the volunteer who was accused of hiring a prostitute, Jonathan Dach, was “shielded from scrutiny” because of his family ties to President Obama and the Democratic Party.

Washington Post published a damning report Wednesday that said the Obama White House put pressure on the inspector general to minimize the allegations and the mounting evidence.

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