Schumer: On 3 Occasions Trump Has Stood in the Way of a Bipartisan Solution to DACA, a Problem He Created

‘It was President Trump who terminated the DACA program last August’

SCHUMER: "It was President Trump who terminated the DACA program last August. Not Democrats or not Republicans here. Unilaterally we’re in this pickle, in this worse than pickle, in this bad situation, because President Trump chose to end the DACA program last August. That stands out above anything else. Then President Trump turned his back not on one, but two bipartisan immigration proposals. I went so far to put the wall, the president’s signature campaign issue on the table for discussion. That still did not drive him to a deal. And finally now that we’re working hard in the Senate to come up with a bipartisan proposal President Trump is trying to gum up the works. According to reports, president Trump may threaten to veto legislation that doesn’t match his hard line demands. My way or no way, with no democratic input. A statement this morning from the White House said the president would oppose even a short-term bill to protect the dreamers. So who is intent on kicking these people who know no country by America, who work in our factories and offices, who go to our schools, who serve in our military, who is intent on kicking them out? Not the American people, 90% want to support the dreamers. Not any Democrat. And not a good number of Republicans on that side of the aisle. Just the president. So on three separate occasions President Trump has stood in the way of a bipartisan solution to DACA. A problem he created in the first place. And yet, the president is in this dream world. He thinks oh, I can blame Democrats for the impasse. As I said, only in the 1984 world where up is down and black is white could this be true. Only in a 1984 world where up is down and black is white would the American public blame Democrats for this. They know where trump stands. They know it."

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