CNN’s Acosta: Was Trump Defending Rob Porter Because of His Own Allegations

‘Is there sensitivity there?’

ACOSTA: "What about the president's tweaked over the weekended and people's lives are being attered and destroyed by a re allegation. It seems like the president was believing Mr. Porter, as opposed to his alleged victims. Why did he say that? Why is he seemingly defending Mr. Porter publicly? Is it because he has faced his own allegations? Is there sensitivity there ."
HUCKABEE SANDERS: "As I just said, the president and the entire administration take domestic violence seriously and believe all allegations need to be investigated thoroughly. He certainly S pose the victims of domestic violence and believes everyone should be treated fairly and with due process. He is saying there should be a due process that should be followed and look at."
ACOSTA: "Is there just a being on the wrong side of things?"
HUCKABEE-SANDERS: I don't think the presidency being -- supporting due process for any allegation is not tone deaf. I think it is allowing things to be investigated. A mere allegation should not be the determining factor. It is not taking a side on any specific issue, he is talking about mere allegations should be the determining factor for any individual. There should be due process, I think anybody here if they were accused of something- I am not finished. What I am saying is anybody here, if they are accused of something, would want the opportunity to go through due process."


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