Bernstein: ‘We’ve Never Had a President Who Lies’ Like Trump, ‘Even Nixon’

‘ What is so extraordinary about him and his presidency is the incessant compulsive, continual lying’

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CABRERA: "You do write a lot about how determined Nixon was to make sure that the tapes were not given over as they were to the special prosecutor. He wanted to create a transcript instead. There were all these other idea of how they could sort of give them what they wanted without really giving him what he wanted. Meantime, we have president Trump preparing for a potential interview with Robert Mueller. Bottom line is he has said time and again, he would be happy to sit down with Mueller."
BERNSTEIN: "I think we'll -- many of us will believe it when we see him sit down with Mueller. Look, we have no reason to believe almost anything that Donald Trump says. What is so extraordinary about him and his presidency is the incessant compulsive, continual lying, and this is not me sitting here as a commentator saying this. This is demonstrable truth. The number of lies, the consistency of lying by the president of the United States, which ought to be concern particularly to Republicans who are looking supposedly to see what the facts are here, and instead seem to be forming a bodyguard around the president to protect him instead of protecting Mueller's investigation, it's extraordinary. We have never had a president who lies like this, certainly in the modern era. Even Nixon."

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